Canada 2010

16 12 2011

It has been a VERY long time since I posted and I wanted catch the world up to speed on our fishing adventures.  Back in 2010 we made our annual pilgrimage to the Big Rideau with 4 guys.  Stephen Peters, Jon Bartholomew, Jim Ritter and Mike Frederick.  This year we went when the water was much hotter and the fish were harder to find.  We still had a great time and caught a few good fish.

Gardner Lake Produces!

7 06 2010

Saturday morning we took my Grandfather’s boat down to his slip at Gardner Lake for the season.  He keeps the boat here because he can easily get in and out using the dock.  I forgot my camera so I had to resort to the cell phone.  In about 3 hours each of us had about 8 fish.  My Grandfather was trolling with his Rapala SR5 while Jon and I casted the white jigs.  Jon was using a larger 1/4 ounce jig with a 3″ grub twisted tail and I was using a 1/8 ounce jig with a 2″ tail.  The pickerel were going crazy in about 7.5″ of water.  Grandpa picked up a really nice 19″ walleye as well.  We caught pickerel, yellow perch, sunfish, walleye and  largemouth.

This pickerel created a crazy picture by trying to jump out of Jon’s hands just as I took this shot.