Canada 2010

16 12 2011

It has been a VERY long time since I posted and I wanted catch the world up to speed on our fishing adventures.  Back in 2010 we made our annual pilgrimage to the Big Rideau with 4 guys.  Stephen Peters, Jon Bartholomew, Jim Ritter and Mike Frederick.  This year we went when the water was much hotter and the fish were harder to find.  We still had a great time and caught a few good fish.

Our First Trip To Canada Together

11 05 2010

About a year ago J.T., Jon and I took a week off from work and headed north for our first big fishing trip together.  After about a 6 hour drive we arrived in Portland Ontario.  We stayed at a place called Len’s Cove that offers cabins with heat and kitchens, docks and boats for rent.  Jon has been going to Len’s Cove with his family and friends for over 20 years and he knows exactly how to find the fish. For the next week we went on a fishing assault!

Here is a map of the lake

And a link to Len’s Cove

And Most Importantly….FISH

It was a great week and we already have our next trip to Len’s Cove booked for August 2010