Welcome to Spooled Reel!  3 guys 1 shared passion for fishing.

From left to right: J.T. , Jon, Stephen

We started this blog to share our love for fishing with all of you.  For all of our lives we have been pursuing fish anywhere we can and any way we can.  We are searching for the next spooled reel.

The Fishermen

Stephen Peters:  Stephen grew up in Columbia, Connecticut learning to fish from his grandfather.  He lived across the street from J.T. and they grew up fishing together.  At an early age he fished Mono Pond and Columbia Lake in Columbia and Watchaug Pond in Charleston, Rhode Island.  His saltwater experience includes years aboard his grandfather’s boat off the shore of Rhode Island and years of pier fishing in the Gulf of Mexico in Naples, Florida.  Stephen and his sister Elizabeth both attended college at Bucknell University where Stephen met his wife Kelli and where Elizabeth met her husband Jon Bartholomew.  Stephen now lives in Manchester, Connecticut just around the corner from both J.T. and Jon.

J.T. Lauer:  J.T. grew up in Columbia, Connecticut learning to fish from his father.  He lived across the street from Stephen and they grew up fishing together.  J.T. honed his skills fishing in a canoe on Mono Pond and on his family boat  in Columbia Lake.  After attending college at Sacred Heart University J.T. moved to Manchester, Connecticut  he became addicted to fly fishing.  J.T. can be found roaming the Farmington River with his fly rod in hand almost every weekend.

Jon Bartholomew: Jon grew up in Hellertown, Pennsylvania fishing with his family.  With a stocked family pond down the road Jon spend his childhood years honing in skills day and night.  Armed with a white grub on a jig head Jon can find fish in almost any body of water.  He his also an experienced trout fishermen but you won’t catch him with a fly rod in his hand.  Jon prefers a spinning rod and a black and gold spinner to land his trout.  Jon brings extensive international experience to the group as his family has been fishing in Canada for decades.

We hope you enjoy our blog as we share with you our stories, hints, tricks, reviews and most of all out love of fishing.


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