Sunday Morning at Mansfield Hollow Reservoir

16 05 2010

With my partner in crime attending a wedding in Pennsylvania, I called my wife’s grandfather and asked if he wanted to try his luck with the old rod and reel.  We decided on a lazy Sunday morning, didn’t get on the water until 9 am, at Mansfield Hollow Reservoir.  I had never fished Mansfield before, but read it was the best lake in eastern Connecticut for pike.  We launched the boat and started trolling South along the shoreline.  I was surprised to see the depth was averaging about 13′, but we were picking up  plenty of fish on the Lowrance.  Unfortunately what we saw on the small screen wasn’t translating to fish in the boat.  We continued to slowly troll the shoreline and eventually picked up some big crappie and yellow perch, but none of the pike we were targeting.  We continued to work several coves, but only boated more yellow perch.  We finally packed it in around noon.  Overall, it was a good first trip to Mansfield Hollow and the fact there is a 8 mph speed limit and no residential development on the shore makes it a beautiful lake.  I’m planning on talking Stephen into hitting in up in the near future with the canoe.



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