Failure: When your best just isn’t good enough

14 05 2010

Last night Jon and I decided to take the 13′ canoe out onto Keeney Cove and we failed.  Keeney Cove is a small sheltered cove off of the Connecticut River in Glastonbury.  With the deepest spots hitting on 12′ and lots of weeds we figured it would produce something.  Immediately after pushing away from the shore we began to see surface hits.  We proceeded to throw everything we had in order to entice a bite but nothing worked.  X-rap, crank bait, spinner bait, buzz bait, swim bait and surface plugs all failed.  As we moved deeper into the cove the surface hits started to get out of control.  It was then that we realized the splashes had to be the herring that move into the coves this time of year to spawn.  Frustrated with our lack of success we grabbed our paddles and made our way down to the mouth of the cove where we also could not get a bite.  Jon did manage to boat a small white perch so we did not totally get skunked.



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